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Exclusive: Judge was intoxicated at the hearing in le Havre




Exclusive: Judge was intoxicated at the hearing in le Havre

Published Tuesday, February 08, 2011 18: 07 pm




Because it was soaked in alcohol, a magistrate of the tribunal de grande instance of le Havre was invited by the Prosecutor of the Republic to leave a correctional hearing to which he was sitting as assessor.

The drunk magistrate at the hearing submitted to take blood. It would confirm his intoxicated by a judicial source


It is approximately 14 hours in the courthouse of the harbour. The hearing of the tribunal correctionnel has just opened by its President when the magistrate that represents the public prosecutor asks is immediately suspended. The room is busy for trial of suspects in a long series of burglaries. But much of the public cares not what motivates the Attorney and the three judges to leave their seats to join the advisements also early the most unobtrusive room. It is one of the two assessors of the President, manifest drunkenness cannot obviously be worthily his role in this Monday, January 31.

A blood test confirms the drunk

A time to sit, this law, professional close to retirement, put an abnormal time, - very long minutes entrust us with witnesses of the scene, - for buttoning her dress properly. Arrival, then, in the courtroom has left some lawyers and members of the audience the same impression. Celle, surprising and very embarrassing, a judge who drank far too much to embody honourably justice. In any case, that seemed to break the eyes of the public prosecutor. Representing the interests of society and therefore the litigant, he chose to react more quickly, leaving to plunge his colleagues and the person on the spot. Human "too tired" might attract more attention. Not to mention that it was supposed to judging, while collectively, the future of many individuals and families.
The assessor suspicious attitude, excluded from the composition of the Court and thus the hearing was replaced foot lifted. And the President of the tribunal de grande instance (TGI) from le Havre quickly went to inquire in the corridors of the Palace, with details of the case. A doctor was required to examine the magistrate. According to a judicial source, j. underwent a blood test has proven to be positive. The President of the EBU was forced to sign an order of removal, emergency procedure that temporarily puts away the person, which regularly conducted hearings as a single judge.

"A good judge when it goes well"

This event and its consequences are creating a real stir in the courthouse of the harbour. "It's really too bad, because this man is a good judge when it goes well, but it is an alcohol-ill man", entrusts a Union source. The magistrate arrived in le Havre by mutation, after similar incidents, Picardie.Le first President of the Court of appeal of Rouen is in charge of the disciplinary procedure. The disqualified judge incurs a suspension even radiation outright, considering recidivism.

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