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Reflection on judicial


It should be that the laws in the period of cultivated society are written in immutable codes and not only included in customs and uncertain, the arbitrary interpretation. There, the laws are clear, precise, brief and General, and are not subject to the interpretation of fussy magistrates.




The magistrates responsible for ensuring public order such as criminal, civil lieutenant lieutenant, the lieutenant of police, and many others, eventually almost always have a horrible opinion of the company. They believe know men and know that the scrap. We judge not a city by its sewers and a House by its latrines. Most of these judges always remind me of the college where editors have a cabin with facilities, and not out to give the whip.



Good judges live to serve their country; ill serve it to live.



Replace the red dress by j. Gray blouse of the master? In other words, stakeholders in the educational community they manifested a tendency exacerbated to the referral of our magistrates and complairaient they in the right? A positive response is required when the conflict level in those places considered studious, quiet and secure. Today, parents do not hesitate to initiate a lawsuit against the State concerning the deletion of the NAP, one day a week, of their child to kindergarten. And the case goes to the administrative Court of appeal! Same contentious proceedings concerning the exclusion of a student for a period of two days. Meanwhile, faculty members, worried about facing these behaviors, replicates by initiative or by quitting to certain actions. For example by preventing small Arlésiens and Marseilles, surprised by the icy enacted rule side, throw snowballs in the covered playground in a white coat. And the reporter to explain the fear of teachers: the lesser small bobo, parents come find us, threatening to drag us to court.

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