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Small account of the day at the Court of appeal of Versailles.

Small account of the day at the Court of appeal of Versailles.

Small account of the day at the Court of appeal of Versailles.

-Friday, September 23 hearing was a collegiate church, the magistrates of the CA of Versailles saw that there was a lot of inconsistencies in the folder.

-The Chairperson well made understand that he must have only one and single interlocutor both at the level of social assistance to the General Council. Because she did not understand that there were as much an intervener in this folder.

-In full hearing the President to ask counsel for ESA call service immediately so that they fax in emergency schedules, between the request and the receipt of the fax, it it passed 1 H 30. Can ask questions on the admissibility of the documents provided by fax to a full hearing. Magistrates of the collegiate church are surprised to see that the reports were days because they were old reports which were in the folder.

-The children's lawyer, to fact noted that the record is never passed despite these many applications.

-There has been a very great emotion when counsel to reported speech of children, as Marie-Laure; Clara and Christophe want returning, but they are completely lost, the rest she has stated: "I am not a psychologist, but it is clear that, there is a problem".

-Clear to requested to be heard at the hearing, but the ESA to made a categorical refusal to be Claire Vienna permit at the hearing. It was still said to counsel, that she saw these brothers and sisters that when there were visits.

-It is obstruction of rights of the child, since our children are more than 50 KM to be heard by the judge of children in the presence of educators in the Office of the judge, Ms. M.N.

- In Conclusion:

(1) We have requested that our children are rendered with a measure of AEMO home to us.

(2) Counsel for ESA said that had to continue the placement of children.

(3) La Collégiale said: "we will resume in hand this folder, all back flat, because nothing is, therefore question parents": "are you favourable to is that we do a new psychiatric expertise, and that there is a genuine investigation you?".

(4) We did not opposite since over 5 years we ask this famous inquiry with us.

(5) A result of this, the decision of the Court of appeal will be issued.

Mr Lorentz to specify that the European Court was before, but stipulated that the European Court will be on our record, at the end of the year. Because they think all this will be for 2 - 3 years, unfortunately for them, this is the end of the year.

Which we comfort one can is that the children's judge, or the Versailles appeal court has authority to see the items in the folder, and can intervene.

They do not have the right, everything simply because it is the operation of the French institutions which are put in causes.

Little reminder of the functioning of the European Court:

(1) You sent your record, and they look at whether it is admissible.

(2) They look at the entire file, i.e. every word, every comma, and the consistency of the submitted file

(3) your file is examined, and they look at whether it is admissible.

(4) The magistrates of the 27 Member States are invited to give a hearing date.

(5) The European Court makes its decision at the end of the introduced elements, and condemned if there is the France.

(6) Then comes a second hearing which demand us, the amount of the damages suffered.

(7) Also watch if our request is admissible or not. This means a longer brothel in France no more or less (I apologize for the word), that judges for children will be monitored in the acts which they provide, and therefore the social assistance to child Services will no longer do anything, it is call a JURISPRUDENCE.

We know very well, that is not because there will be a Jurisprudence that any undue investments are to stop. CA it's dreaming, but families can use this case to assert their rights.

All this work is more than 5 years now, was not made any single, and as such we would like to thank the following people who intervened:

(1) Gabriel: Great lawyer in family law.

(2) Master billiards (the nightmare of magistrates).

(3) Master Alexis which allowed us to make a great good in this folder

(4) Master Charles Ceccaldi-Raynaud, former Senator Mayor of Puteaux and recommended General who argued from the beginning in this folder, and allowed us to correct our conclusions to the Court of appeal.

(5) We also thank Mr Cédric Fleurigeon.

(6) I would like to thank my husband, who has made a motion to the European Court and which is admissible.

(7) I would also like to thank Mr Christian Demuynck Senator Mayor of Neuilly-Plaisance which we can also help, and when he saw the record, he said that we were all crazy. This Mr allows we participated in the life of his city, but also to actions that he leads, and this allows us not to become crazy.

(8) Ms. Nadine Jeanne, sponsor of one of our children is a very great support since the beginning of this case, and we are not afraid to say that it is Socialist. As what, be persons of the UMP and PS, there are people who are great.

Cédric and Emeric are the wicked at the levels of the judges for children, but courts of appeal, because when we see these two people, each in different departments, it is that there is a problem of Oops!

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