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The RATP scoop ready its tramway to evacuate Roma and children

The RATP scoop ready its tramway to evacuate Roma and children

The new Paris MF2000 metro is seen shortly after its opening in Paris June 10, 2008. The Paris RATP urban rail transport will add some 161 new metro trains with improved passenger visibility, acoustics and security in a program that will run to 2015. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier (FRANCE)


The RATP has developed available to the police a tram trainset to evacuate a camp of Roma of Saint-Denis. It is simply a way to regulate the traffic for the transport company.

France Info reveals that the RATP has made available to police on Wednesday a tram trainset - the line between Saint-Denis and Bobigny - to evacuate a camp of Roma of Saint-Denis. The security forces would then escorted the 100 people evacuated to the railway station RER of Noisy-le-Sec.

Gilles Garnier, Communist general counsel, attended by chance the scene: "I was expecting my tram when 11: 05 p.m., several tens of Roma came out of a train that displayed do not take passenger". Six pickup trucks and five police cars are posted before the station to prevent possible overflow. "Whole scene unfolded peacefully." It is clearly of families with young children. "It was very shocking, there were almost as many police officers of Roma", is an elected official. And add: "It reminded me very bad moment in our history".

A local decision

"It is a decision taken locally in a situation of emergency facing a quasi-blocage of the line", defending the RATP. According to the transport company, this idea comes from a framework, to regulate a highly disturbed traffic, proposed to the police to set up the convoy. It would have felt that this solution was to limit the delays.

Philippe central Touzet, delegate of South RATP, explains that "this story has raised a stir" among staff, as "Bobigny station was the scene of deportations during the second war". And add: "it is not to participate in such operations, they organize otherwise, is not to the RATP to work for the police!".

Here I links history the RATP was already in this RAID, and police also France many touch bottom
I request that the head of State guarantor institutions condemned persons on the initiative of this also asked all the Jews of France and elsewhere, as well as all of their children who were deported from severely condemned this policy. Don't be spectators, because this in fact a drama during the second world war. What you can do together, against the President of the RATP, requesting his resignation pure and simple, and the person who has signed this authorization to make a new RAID, I recall that we are in 2011, and it's the same proceed with children as in 39/40.

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