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Letter addressed to the children social aid

Mr Lorentz Emeric


Mme Moreau Christel


3 Roses residence

                                                                       Has The attention of Mr.


92800 Puteaux

                                                                      Service Territorial 5


                                                                      38 rue Patenôtre


                                                                         78 120 Rambouillet


                                                          Done at Puteaux November 11, 2009


                                                             AR…………………………………………… letter




92800 Puteaux




Subject: Observation of your silence it will be also you site due to the judicial courts




We can see again your expeditiously contact us to set up the right to visit and housing for our children that we have not seen since over a month the month in question is October 2009 (according to the judgment of the Court of appeal of Versailles) or have been mayor laure on the phone but the interests of children must once again escape!



We we forced to remember the most basic s of your obligations under


Article 227-5 Penal Code as refuse improperly represent our children to the person that the right of claim. If facts last more than 5 days that you don't know or are our children penalties are aggravated.


Cover by article227-9 of the penal code s defined fact by section 227-/ 227/7 are punished three years imprisonment and 45000 euros in fine.


Article 373-2-11 (3) of the civil code interferes with parental authority.


226-1 and 226-2 Penal Code articles: invasion of privacy of privacy "addressed by Article 226-1"


the spirit of the law that the principle is the right to respect for family ties and the ITIMITE in accordance with articles 6 and 12 of the Charter of rights and freedoms and in accordance with article 8 of the European convention on human rights and text that you're not ignoring and appropriate to your institution.





However, in makes us sum away from our children, evicted purely and simply and kept on the sidelines as regards their health, their education and their daily lives.


I you recall your conversations are recorded and thereby release you are caught in immediacy of élie lie on one of our child.




We remind all end that notwithstanding the investment sum always vested with parental authority and still representing legal, I ask you from respected the application of the aricle375-7 of the civil code.


This is far from being the case, and we reserve to act criminal and you site due to




We remain at your disposal for judicial explanations as regards you.


Mr Emeric Lorentz and Mrs. Christel Moreau

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