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Limitation of sex crimesclerkon children




Limitation of sex crimesclerkon children

Prescription, it is the time that it is possible to bring legal action. For the most serious sexual crimes within the meaning of the Act, such as rape, this delay is now ten years after the majority of the victim, twenty when crime is clerk by a grandparent or relative.

•Becausea crime against humanity which is built into the body and the fragile psyche of a child is a crime against humanity.

•Becausethe revelation of the abuse occurs in the vast majority of cases very late, only a tiny percentage of sex crimesclerkchildren (less than 1%), is considered by prescription which is equivalent to a near- impunity criminals.

•Becausethe reconstruction of the victim, regardless of elapsed time spentbyrecognition of what she suffered andbythe designation of the criminal who should be punished.

•Becauseonly the imprescriptibility in threat it constitutes for the abusers, protect children.

Sexual abuseclerk child goes well beyond immediate physical trauma. It was his psyche full building who is devastated. Sexual abuse carries underground havoc in the long term, there are countless impacts on health, emotional and fate of the victim. Sexual abuse comes with an abuse of power, an abuse of confidence, and imprisons the small victim in a tremendous psychic violence.
Shame, guilt, doubt, feeling of stain, anguish, loss of self-esteem support anysquare. The child feels more secure, and he feared that it begins. The foundations of his confidence in the adult and the world are destroyed.

Often to survive in this situation, the child is cutting its sensations and disassociates itself. Post-traumatic amnesia allows him to survive, the abuse is buried, repressed for years, decades, but never deleted. In-depth havoc does stop at only suffering incurred by his body. Depressive states settle; much, well, considering suicide. Anxiety, the maladjustment experienced in everyday life, unable to relax, to live fully their emotions, joy or sentencing, major relational difficulties, and frequently, later, the inability to know a fulfilling relationship and build a life of torque.

Various health problems occur, which may persist to adulthood: depression, insomnia, nightmares, phobias, incontinence, addictions (alcohol, drugs...), disorders of food lines (anorexia or bulimia), mutilations, conducted auto-destruct... And then there are those who appear to be functioning normally, but who are prisoners of their secrecy, in a cruel solitude, protecting ekes out behind an image that does not correspond to reality: a broken childhood.
The mostabuse will prove that much later, often after years, even decades, when the victim became adult has, finally, trust someone and means to express the inexpressible.

Why?.Becauseamnesia or denial is the only answer to survival horror of sexual abuse, and that this rejection in the unconscious continues among a large number of victims to a ripe old age, driving beyond the period of limitation...Becausethat although environment often protects the aggressor.Becausethat legend is still well entrenched, it should be forgotten, and that the complaint is only revenge, whereas nobody object see lodge a complaint, even late a financial crime,byexample.Becauseonly thefloorof the child, when it is possible is frequently questioned. But also because the extent of sexual crimes against children is such that the overall company is sailing face.
Hear the victim recognize as such, designate the criminal and recognize it as such, it is the first step in the process of reconstruction of childhood sexual abuse. There is no possible cure without any so-called truth. Whatever the time of denunciation of the abuse, the truth is always synonymous with licensing. Whether there is a Justice without a prescription, is therefore crucial.

Indeed, how to design a crime, which leaves legacy to life on the victim remains unpunishedbecausethat the complaint occurs beyond limitation? Is it to say that society and the institution consider that time has erased, even repaired harm? For the victim, what disallowance! It is the return a second time in silence and oblivion; It simply condemned to nothingness. While the aggressor, he can slowly turn the page... and start over.

Figures from the ODAS (Observatory decentralized action social ) indicate that the number of reported child sexual abuse on children revolves around 5500byyear on average, over the past five years. The total of all notifications carried out since the State has installed this procedure therefore does not exceed 1% of the actual number d'enfants victims of sexual abuse in France (abuse perpetrated more often in the family or by persons known to the child, it must be stressed).

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