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Suicide of an investigating judge: "I just gave to justice

Suicide of an investigating judge: "I just gave to justice"

We learn the day of mouvement des magistratsmovement of judges the death of one of them, on September 16. He left a letter.

It's Thursday, the day ofmouvement général de protestation des magistratsGeneral Prosecutors protest movement, we learn about the death of one of them. A death which, seems, is connected to its activity.

Le 16 septembre dernier,On 16 September,Philippe Tran Van, the tribunal de grande instance of Pontoise (Val-) examining judge, ended his days in elongating on tracks, reports lenouvelobs. He was 45 years old, was married and had two children.

Avant de passer à l'acte, Philippe Tran-Van a rédigé une lettreTo the Act, Philippe Tran Van wrote a letterthat he has left on the table in the dining room of his apartment in an array representing the Concierge.

Une lettre dans laquelle il lie directement son geste à son travail A letter in which he directly binds its gesture to his work: "It is impossible to cope with the workload," he writes, adding: "I prefer to finish because fight me my hierarchy to assert my defences seems vain." Thursday, lenouvelobs publishes this letter following extracts:

"I have everything given to justice and judicial"I gave the best of myself, I sacrificed my couple life which is one of the causes of my divorce. (…) Told that I am incompetent to manage my Office only with the best will in the world, it is impossible to cope with the workload. (...) Then, I prefer to put an end since fight me my hierarchy to assert my defences seems pointless. "Nobody does congratulates you when everything goes well and that you exhaust at work."

Le juge d'instruction poursuit, appuyant sa loyauté sans faille vis-à-vis de sa hiérarchieThe investigating judge continues supporting loyalty without fault towards its hierarchy, indicating that its "previous evaluations show." And also mentioning that his "own colleagues do (l)' argued that in appearance."

According to lenouvelobs, the day of his death, Philippe Tran-Vansaid to his wife that he would go to USM (Trade Union of magistrates) to talk about her problems professional.

Isabelle Tran Van also says:"For him, having to establish priorities, having to choose, abandon people in distress, it was unbearable". She returned on numerous times where her husband has sounded the alarm: "He was mail saying that he could more, he was overwhelmed." (...) "It went, but nothing changed".

Interviewed by lenouvelobs, a colleague of j.explains that, in the middle of the magistrates, complain and confess his failure "does not." (....) "It's the threat to agree to answer that we are weak, incompetent".

Philippe Tran-Van avait déjà tenté par deux fois de mettre fin à ses joursPhilippe Tran Van had already tried twice to end his days. On the eve of his death, his hierarchy provided a report accusing him, according to his wife "disloyalty, incompetence."

Interviewed by The Post on the elapsed time between the death of the magistrate and the date on which we learn it, journalist of the Yahoo who wrote article, Elsa Vigoureux, says "have discovered this suicide recently." working on the movement of magistrates In her view, the fact that "neither unions nor the Chancery do advertising about it generally" there is no stranger. And that suicides among judges is "a very taboo subject" non-.Magistrates (photo illustration). (Max DPI). | Max PPP

Sources:, the Post

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