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Judges: too many shoes varnish in black robes uniformity




Judges: too many shoes varnish in black robes uniformity



res Lundi après-midi,Monday afternoonMichel Mercier has denounced the "obvious shortcomings" in the judicial follow-up of Tony M. dans l'affaire Laetitia.The Union of magistrates responded to these comments:"Garde des Sceaux announced us that the Higher Council of the judiciary not would not seized to disciplinary to Nantes, magistrates regardless of their hierarchical level: this is obviously a satisfaction."


Each can be seen that the important and the satisfactory for this Union spokesman, is that there be no evocation d'une any disciplinary action. "Obvious shortcomings", the lack of link between advisors, misuse of computationally for tracked folders, do not appear to touch him... It is probably a "detail".



Ladies and gentlemen litigants, move along, there is nothing to see!

These judges took the streets to denounce the outburst of the President of the Republic, which threatened sanctions if errors were committed. Today, the "mistakes" are transformed into "deficiencies". This clever semantic nuance makes collective responsibility, in other words: "c'est la faute à person". Laëtitia family will enjoy.

No, judges are not justiciable like any other

Since the Outreau case magistrates have understood the lesson. The strategy is to anticipate and make block, once one of them is having to explain a decision that may seem inappropriate, arbitrary, or absurd. "Do not suggest that we are fallible, justice fair and independent, we are, and what is not for us!"

Under the guise of their independence, judges accumulate actions and statements, which show that they have a very special design of independence and transparency of justice.

For example, by organizing information leaks with big media, records connotation political, violating the secrecy of the statement. With the aim to guide public opinion in the sense that will serve as their interests, or which will disallow such or such politician, become the man felling of the moment.

At observation, there still will be that both sides are not treated fairly. Among judges, known to recognize its own. Otherwise, what good such power?

It does not preclude some collusion with the sarkozyste power.

Once is not custom, to serve the cause of the family, is permitted to negotiate in camera, with the representative of Satan.

"You quit show us the finger and we resumed on the job and it stifles the case."

"Banco, replied the Garde des Sceaux: no sanctions, and talking more absenteeism responsible personal monitoring of offenders after their release from prison." But be careful! "It does step more on boss..."

And this is how it collapses an info from a leak in the report submitted to the Minister. Leak that a very large proportion of paid personal by the taxpayer and precisely put at disposal of tracking out offenders, prison was conspicuous by a chronic absence.

This information did not long. It has however given place, to my knowledge, no disclaimer nor no analysis. Curious no?

Attention ladies and gentlemen magistrates, litigants are not the gogos you believe

Citizens, for the most part, are not fooled. They practise of class justice, justice gangrénée by political ideology, and individual research of reputation of judges. The people, "the big buzzword in" was enough to be a priority when it comes to justice.

Needless to designate him guilty, stop work and media posturing: people know how to share things. He knows those responsible for and has memory. Beware the Gorilla!




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