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Sexual abuse on children: child protection and presumption of innocence.



Sexual abuse on children: child protection and presumption of innocence.
After Outreau, where is it? What changes?

Sunday, December 10, 2006 13: 30-18 h

6 20th PARIS Eupatoria - Street


In 1999, JAMAC had organized a meeting-debate entitled "sexual abuse on children: child protection, presumption of innocence and l'Education Nationale example."

Since then, several events have intervened. Include trial of Outreau course, but also in Angers. "Skids" of the trial of Outreau have caused the establishment of the Parliamentary Committee after the Viout report. A reform of child protection will be debated in Parliament.

Trial laws, projects, reports, commissions, where there is protection of childhood, the presumption of innocence? What trends can we discern as regards justice, experts, professionals responsible for child protection? And what is the influence of media intervention in these cases, and professionals?

Round table is to enable the term cross-persons with different entries on these issues and debate from their speeches. The situation in national Education will be present, since it is this area that the JAMAC association incorporated, if well from a broader perspective that will be addressed by speakers at the Roundtable.


Paul BensussanPaul bensussanis expert psychiatrist of the Court of appeal of Versailles. Well in advance of Outreau, he alerted his peers to be judges on the dangers of a literal interpretation of the speech of children of psycho-legal expertise and denounced the devastation and the deviations caused in the area of child protection. He placed emphasis on the need for a technical approach of these sensitive issues, the importance of not to confuse investigation and care, judicial remedy and reparation. psychological

Marceline GabelMarceline gabelis senior technical and social, lecturer at the University of Paris X Nanterre. Coming from psychiatry, Marceline Gabel was tasked by the Department of the folder childhood abuse, then General Secretary of the great Cause on the protection of childhood abuse and head of the Observatory of childhood in danger at the Observatory of decentralized social action (ODAS).

Françoise PetitotFrançoise petitotis a psychoanalyst. Intervening in child protection services, she was lecturer in Science Education at the University Paris VIII and member of the Group of research ethics, childhood, Education in Paris VIII. She is editor-in-Chief of the letter of childhood and adolescence, Journal of the GRAPE, and author of "La fabrique de l'enfant mistreated, a fresh look at the child and the family" Éditions compétence.

Florence RaultFlorence rault, lawyer at the bar of Paris since 1984, speaks regularly alongside teachers implicated in allegations of sexual abuse cases. She notably published with Paul Bensussan dictatorship of emotion. Protection of the child and its excesses (Belfond, 2002), and other authors "Dutroux trial suggests emotion" (Coordination of assistance to victims of abuse, Ministère de la Communauté Française, Brussels) and children, innocent sex? suspicion and taboos (Editions otherwise).

Jacques TrémintinJacques trémintinis socioeducational Wizard in a child welfare service. He participates in magazines "Link Social" and "Journal of youth, the journal of legal and social law.

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